Administration and Staff


East Campus

Catherine Corder –
Director, Teacher

Martin Frendt

Eunice Torres –



North Campus

Rebecca Aragon –
Business Office Assistant

Joshua Augur –
Elementary PE Teacher, High School Volleyball

Janice Bednar –
Discovery Therapist, Teacher’s Aid

Tiffany Bickford –
1st Grade Teacher

Alaina Blake –
Preschool Administrative Assistant 

Julie Bock –
Activities Assistant

Lynn Bowker –

Joanne Breen –
Health Office Attendant, Receptionist

Miguel Camarena
Facilities Assistant Supervisor

Kirsten Caro –
Kindergarten Teacher

Pamela Fassnacht–
Preschool Teacher

Martin Frendt
Elementary & Preschool Principal

Olivia Gallegos–
Preschool Teacher

Laura Garcia–
Jr. Soccer Coordinator

Lee Yeong Heng –
2nd Grade Teacher

Elena Hernandez –
Student Supervision Staff

Kristen Hoback –
5th Grade Teacher

Kasey Hurst –
5th Grade Teacher

Sandy Hurst –
Preschool Teacher’s Assistant

Anderson Isiagu–
Elementary Band

Marilyn S. Jones –
Leadership Advisor

Karen Lee –
Elementary Choir Teacher, Elementary Music Teacher

Terrie Lee –
Librarian, Student Supervision


Jason Leverton –
Facilities Director

Carianne Long –
1st Grade Teacher, Middle School Cheer Coach

Lorraine Long –
Academic Support Center/Discovery Program Director

Nadine Longacre –
Search & Teach Therapist

Denise M. Lydy-Johnson –
3rd Grade Teacher

Elissa MacLean
Leadership Advisor

Mike Metzler –
Bus Driver, Elementary Band Teacher, Elementary Computer Teacher

Margaret Miller –
Preschool Director

Wanty Moore –
Office Assistant

Angel Nagatsuka –
Kindergarten Teacher

Joan Norris –
Office Manager & Preschool Coordinator

Tammy Payne –
Administrative Assistant

Jason & Kristin Rice–
Jr. Basketball Coordinators

Cindy Rosenfeld –
Activities Director, Fundraising and Special Events, Marketing

Stephanie Robledo –
Preschool Teacher

Marissa Salas –
Transitional Kindergarten Teacher

Sandra Samora –
Student Supervision Director

Carol Sheehan –
Business Office Assistant

Barbara Sotelo –
2nd Grade Teacher

Lois Sweis –
Preschool Teacher

Sarah Thomas –
Kindergarten Teacher

Ashlie Wilson –
Preschool Teacher’s Aide

Jennifer Wozny –
4th Grade Teacher

South Campus

Josh Augur –
Middle School PE, High School Girls’ Volleyball

Filiberto Banuelos –

Jaime Banuelos –

Marie Becknell –

Aria Betts –
Government/Economics, US History

Nikki Bousquette –
Academic Support Center/Discovery Therapist

Ignacio Brache –

Grace Cameron –
High School Spanish, Middle School Bible

Shannon Cameron –
Technology Department, Yearbook Advisor

Patrick Carmichael –
High School Bible

John Chae –
High School Math

Margaret Chen –
Music Accompanist

Paul Chong –
Security, Transportation

Mary Christiansen –
Technology Department

Galen E. Clark –
High School Choir, Performing Arts Director

Harold Clousing –
Director of Advancement

Susan Cox –
Middle School Bible, Spiritual Life Advisor

Sherry Crowell –
Academic Support Center/Discovery Therapist

Catherine Delvaux –
Middle School Computer, Middle School Science, Middle School Social Studies

Debbie Dilzer –

Michelle Dueck –
AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, High School Math

Taylor Gavin –
Middle School ASB Advisor, Middle School Science, Middle School Track & Field

David Gloria –
Athletic Trainer

Lucianne Gutermuth –
AP Human Geography, AP Psychology, High School English

Laurie Hagberg –
Middle School English, High School English

Lance Haliday

Devina Halpert –
Middle School Athletic Assistant

Laurie Hand –
Office Manager

Greg Hart –
High School Cross Country, High School History

Jason Horn –

Brent Huff –
Dean of Students

Scott Hurst –
High School PE, High School Football

Cooky Hurst –
Performing Arts Department Administrative Assistant

Anderson Isiagu–
Middle School & High School Band

Denise Johnson –
High School Science, Middle School Science

Terry Johnson –
High School PE, High School Track & Field, Middle School PE

Vern Jones –
AP Government, AP US History

Krista Joyner –
Administrative Assistant



Irene Kendrick –
College Counselor

Rebecca Kendrick –
Middle School Athletic Director, Marketing

Rick Klein –
High School Bible, Personal Finance 

JC Lara –

Karen Lee –
Chapel Coordinator, Middle School Choir

Amalia Lejbowicz –
AP Spanish, High School Spanish

Sally Leon –
AP Chemistry, High School Science

Jason Leverton –
Facilities Director

Julie Leverton –
Academic Support Center/Discovery Therapist

Lorraine Long –
Academic Support Center/Discovery Director

Dr. Robert Lozano –
Spiritual Life Advisor

Pam Marquez –
Art, High School Track & Field, Middle School PE

Jose Martinez –

Lisa Martucci –
High School English, Middle School English

Kathleen McCray –
Middle School Math

Janet M. Metzler –
Business Office Assistant

Carrie Neckien –
Health Office, Safety

Tonya Nichols –
AP English, Drama, Film, US History

Armando Nunez
Business Administrator

Brian Park –
High School Bible, Middle School Math

Cynthia Peterson –
Academic Dean

Leslie Petit –
Administrative Assistant

Peggy Pratts –
Director of College Counseling

Sharon Ranieri –
High School English, Journalism

Jason Rice –
Middle School Bible, Middle School Social Studies, Middle School Football, Middle School Boys’ Basketball

Richard Richmond –
Activities Coordinator, High School ASB Advisor, International Student Director

Jose Roman –

Soraya Rondon –
Administrative Assistant

Kristin Sass –
Academic Coaching, ELS, Middle School English

Michele Schurle –
Academic Support Center/Discovery Therapist

Kimberly Southerland –
High School Math

Philip Struyk –
High School Bible, Middle School Bible

Stacey Sturzenacker –
High School Athletic Assistant, High School Cheer

Paul Tait –
Admissions, High School Boys’ Basketball

Jay Tippet –
High School Athletic Director

Ed Tooley –
Middle School History

DJ Tripoli –
High School Science

Sandra Villanueva –
After School Student Supervision

Rich Weitzel –
AP World History

David Williamson –
Curriculum Advisor

Todd Wilson –
Academy Coordinator, Middle School & High School Boys’ Basketball

West Campus

Dolores English –

Elizabeth Flores –

Martin Frendt

Michele Hernandez –
Front Office

Jason Leverton –
Facilities Director

Elissa MacLean
Leadership Advisor

Anjula Newton –

Deborah Nicholas –

Johanna Pak –

Vanessa Pulido –