Middle School – Girls' Soccer

Roster and schedule coming Winter 2017-2018.


Head Coach
Steve Romas

Last Name First Name Grade
Antilla Lacey 8th
Barajas Sarahi 8th
Calvo Brooke 7th
Esquilin Natalia 8th
Flores Isabella 7th
Habibi Jordan 6th
Hawkins Hannah 7th
Hess Rachel 7th
Kendrick Mariah 6th
Kim Sofia 7th
Licha Skylar 7th
Marquez Meeya 6th
Pardini Camila 7th
Ralph Ashley 7th
Romas Melissa 7th


Date Day Opponent Location Time
December 8 Thursday St. Nicholas* Laurel Hall 3:45
January 10 Tuesday St. Rose of Lima* HCS South 4:00
January 13 Friday St. Nicholas* HCS South 3:30
January 19 Thursday Laurel Hall* HCS South 3:30
January 20 Friday Grace Brethren* HCS South 4:00
January 24 Tuesday Grace Brethren* Rancho Santa Susana 3:30
January 26 Thursday St. Rose of Lima* St. Rose of Lima 3:30
January 30 Monday Laurel Hall* Laurel Hall 3:30

Playoffs: Week of February 6, 2016
Championship: Week of February 6, 2016
* = Denotes VCAL League Game