Mr. Metzler

How long have you been at Heritage (Hillcrest)?
This is my 22nd year

What do you enjoy about teaching at Heritage?
Sharing my love of music and joy I receive the moment when I see that my students “get it”.

When did you know that this is something you wanted to do?
When I realized mechanical engineering was not my cup of tea.

What are you most excited about in the upcoming year?
Taking a new set of students who have never played an instrument and showing them that they, too, can discover the talents God has blessed them with and learn to play well together in a musical ensemble, honoring the Lord in their efforts.

What is your favorite thing about Heritage?
Being able to work with others that seek to use their talents they have been blessed to honor God in everything that they do.

Tell us about how you met your wife, Mrs. Metzler at South campus, how long have you been married, what first caught your attention about her?
I was attending a church where an HCS fifth grade teacher, Doris Millard, also was a member. She invited Janet to our church to sing at a service and to meet me. I was her sound engineer that Sunday. You can figure out the rest. In October we will celebrate our 24th anniversary.

Share a little about your life before Heritage (Hillcrest).
I’ve been involved with music at some level all of my life. Both of my parents were musicians. My Mom played violin and performed with her brother in a sibling act in the 1940s, sometimes teaming up with Bob Smith (of Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody fame). My Dad played trumpet in various bands in the Western New York area. My parents met at a show they were both performing in. After they married, my Dad continued to play part-time in jazz bands. My Mom told me I would kick in time with the bands my Dad was playing in while she was expecting me, so I guess that’s where my love of big band music began. In elementary school I sang in choir and played in band. In what was then junior high and high school I gravitated to bands. While in high school, my Dad was transferred twice across the country, and in doing so I attended three high schools and studied under four directors. Having a wide range of directorial styles allowed for diverse experiences in ways music can be interpreted which would later prove invaluable. In college I performed in every instrumental group I could find; concert band, marching band, orchestra, jazz band, brass ensemble. Also while in college I was talked into auditioning for an upper-level chorale and surprisingly to me, I made it in. Later on I would join a college vocal jazz ensemble. Through friendships I made there I became a founding member of a professional group, the L.A. Jazz Choir of which I remained for its entire 20-year run. We were fortunate to perform in many venues across the country and Europe, recorded five albums, two of which were honored with Grammy nominations, and worked with many fabulous entertainers along the way.

Why do you think Christian education is so important?
As we witness the deterioration of our society while our core values that built our nation are being undermined by a rejection of God’s principles, I believe it is essential that our students be taught the truth of God’s Word and the need for deciding to accept Jesus as personal Lord and Savior.

What is one piece of wisdom you can share with parents?
Listen to your children, learn and support their dreams, guide them personally in their walk, and be a personal prayer warrior on their behalf.

Currently, I play with a trombone group Boneswest from time to time and participate in Tuba Christmas at Downtown Disney. My wife, Janet, and I also sing with our Southern Gospel trio, “3 in 1”. In my spare time I serve as Transportation Coordinator and Bus Driver, Sound Engineer and various duties in the Facilities Department at HCS. I am also an Elder at Twin Lakes Community Church in Lake Los Angeles, CA.