Mrs. Samora

How long have you been at HCS?
I have been serving at HCS for 10 years.

What are some of your favorite/funniest memories with students?
On the 8th grade Washington DC trip, one of the students had a broken leg and I was able to wheel him around in his wheelchair all week. He was so excited because he was able to get front row of everything (including the time our school had the privilege of laying the wreath at Arlington National Cemetery. Since he got first class treatment, so did I!

What did you do before beginning your ministry at HCS?
I was working at a previous Christian school, Foothill Christian Academy, before it closed.

What is the best part of your job?
Being able to pray and share with the kids about God and the love of Jesus. I enjoy going to work and helping lead them and training them in a way they should go.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
I love dirt bike riding and being outdoors.

What are some of the biggest advancements you’ve noticed during your time at HCS?
I’ve seen a culture emerge through my time here. I’ve seen God turn one school into four. I have seen many children of all ages give their life to Christ and help lead their families to Him. I’ve seen students take up their call, whether it is in the work field or in ministry, and it just gives me joy to know that this school is setting a culture and a heritage for kids we have now and kids to come.

Why do you think Christian education is so important?
I believe Christian education is so important because it hits the basic needs of our world today. We raise our kids at Heritage to be mighty warriors for Christ and teach them that they can take Christ with them no matter what field they join. I stand with Christian education because I seen what it can do for young adults.

Are there any exciting projects you are currently working on?
Even though I work at Heritage as a Student Supervision Supervisor, I also have the privilege of assisting in hospitality. Currently, I am working on events such as Grandparents’ Day, Heart of Heritage, Parent Prayer Reception and many more activities. I enjoy helping Mrs. Rosenfeld with many student activities and parent activities.

What is your favorite thing about Heritage Christian School?
The staff!!! I enjoy working with the staff members. We are more than just coworkers, we are a family. I have never been welcomed by so many people. As my family went through some heartache in our personal life, the staff here at pulled together and made sure I never felt alone. They made sure my family was not forgotten. Even now as some staff go through hardships and heartaches we pull together and help in any way possible.

What is one piece of wisdom you can share with parents?
On the first day of school, you as a parent cry more than the child. As you cry all day they cry 5 minutes. It is okay to leave for the couple hours they are in school. They are in a safe and loving environment.